Florence’s bi-annual men’s fashion trade show Pitti Uomo can be rather secretive – hardly any press makes it into the shows, and there aren’t instant live feeds online for people who don’t have an invitation. Something else has taken over the vacuum, and that’s no secret at all: the peacocks of Pitti Uomo. Season after season, and somehow more intensely than other shows, Pitti Uomo attracts colourful flocks of men who defy the gender stereotype of sartorial indifference.

These men are known, affectionately or otherwise, as peacocks, mainly because they follow the mating habits of the ostentatiously plumed bird. They put their Sunday best on top of their Sunday best, fruit of months-long preparation no doubt, and they strut. They hang out around the Pitti Uomo venues – invitation in hand or not – and, basically, wait to be seen. Seen, by the hundreds of street photographers who flock also to the venues, some famous in their own right, some waiting for that perfect shot to bag their 10,000th Instagram follower.

But words do no justice to the pageantry that daily unfolds in the hometown of da Vinci and Dante. We leave you to the genius of filmmaker Aaron Christian, who has found trenchant delight in documenting the peacocks of Pitti Uomo, à la Sir David Attenborough on BBC. Trust us, if you’re a fashion week insider, this can be as addictive as Honey Badger. You’ve been warned.

The Life Of Pitti Peacocks – Pitti Uomo Mockumentary from Aaron Christian on Vimeo.