This year’s Pink Dot 10 that happened on Saturday, 21 July, was a roaring success — all thanks to the hard work by the dedicated people behind and in front of it — organisers, volunteers, and the tens of thousands of Singaporeans and PRs, who came to do their part in taking a stand and making a difference at this significant annual event for the LGBTQ community in Singapore.

Breaking all stereotypical views of a gay pride parade, as always, the Pink Dot event was ever so uniquely Singaporean and heartwarming — it brought together not just the LGBTQ community, but heterosexual allies, a multitude of families and friends.


The highlight of this year has to be the 10 declarations by the Pink Dot ambassadors on the changes the LGBTQ community and its allies have committed to – each and every one of which ensures members of the LGBTQ community are treated fairly and equally, as should any person living in Singapore.

Declaration 1: We are ready to stand by our friends and family members who are LGBTQ.

Declaration 2: We are ready to start difficult conversations with people who don’t agree with the values that we stand for.

Declaration 3: We are ready for LGBTQ organisations to be able to register themselves under the Societies Act.

Declaration 4: We are ready to see — without censorship — more positive portrayals of LGBTQ people in our mainstream media.

Declaration 5: We are ready for schools to support all our children equally, with accurate sex education, and to equip teachers to handle bullying in schools; we want our children — regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity — to be brought up in healthy, equality-affirming school environments.

Declaration 6: We are ready for greater access to healthcare and social services.

Declaration 7: We are ready for businesses that embrace diversity so that our LGBTQ friends have an equal footing when they are looking for jobs, and that they are protected from discrimination at their workplaces.

Declaration 8: We are ready for LGBTQ Singaporeans to be seen as equal citizens in the eyes of the law. We need to repeal 377A, an outdated law that criminalises gay men for something that is innate to them.

Declaration 9: We are ready to be the change we want to see. We can all do our part to change the hearts and minds of the people around us. If we can commit to stand up to the values that we believe in, engage in meaningful (sometimes difficult) conversations with the people in our lives, change will come.

Declaration 10:  We are ready to be heard by forming our 10th Pink Dot!

Here’s a video clip of Pink Dot 10. Watch it, especially if you missed the event, and share this post with your friends.