Prada will be doing a launch of their latest Prada Driving Shoes Collection in their Singapore store next week, but before that, we get an insight into the making of each pair of the hand-crafted driving shoe.

Each pair of Prada driving shoes is crafted with meticulous attention down to every detail, and hand-stitched using the most intricate artisan shoemaking techniques. Unlike traditional methods that use a shoe last at the final stage when constructing a pair of driving shoes, Prada applies uses a shoe last from the beginning of the stitching process, and a tubular construction and stitching technique that allow the loafer to wrap around the foot naturally, offering more comfort and durability. A single expert shoemaker will carry out about 200 steps in the process, assuring a lasting, superior quality and excellent product. Let’s take a look at some of these steps:


In addition to iconic materials, like Saffiano leather and calf suede, Prada also uses fine ostrich and crocodile skins which add to the sophistication and exclusive nature of the shoes. The price range is SGD 980 – SGD 4250(for Crocodile leather / Ostrich leather driving shoes).