In my research on men’s aesthetic, one area that seems to get a lot of concern amongst men are hair issues – either hair loss and balding issues, or on the other extreme, having too much hair (in various areas of of the body).  While some might view a full coat of chest hair a sign of masculinity, there are equal number of people who find that off putting and unhygienic. So the options are:

  • Shaving regularly with a razor in a warm shower. Besides being a constant chore, the skin can also get very sensitive and break into rashes or worst, some might experience ingrown hair problem.
  • Waxing – which can be very painful for some people. Plus, you have to wait for the hair to grow till at least 1 cm before the next waxing, so essentially, you will only stay nice a smooth for a week or lesser.
  • Opting for permanent hair removal using IPL (Intense Pulse Laser) and other laser technique.

For this post, we caught up with Dr Israr KJ Wong from Kae Clinic to explore one popular laser technique called Super Hair Removal (SHR™)  that he uses at his clinic. 

HSD: What is Super Hair Removal?

Dr Wong: SHR is one of many hair removal technologies in the market, by Alma Lasers . I chose it because it is painless, has wonderful results, has a built-in cooling system in the probe, uses the comfortable in-motion technique and uses low energy levels to achieve the same effects.

HSD: How does SHR works?

Dr Wong: It uses the Advanced Fluorescent Technology (AFT). AFT is a special light filter that converts useless wavelengths of light into useful energy. By making the useless wavelengths of light useful, only low energy levels are delivered to the hair follicles. Thus, with low energy levels used, there is virtually no pain during the treatment.

HSD: How is SHR different from IPL hair removal?

Dr Wong: IPL is painful because the whole band of unfocused light hits the skin, with a lot of useless energy causing heat damage and pain. Laser hair removal is painful because of the strong focused beam of energy passing through the skin while trying to reach the hair follicles.

SHR™ uses low energy levels, therefore it is painless as compared to IPL hair removal or Laser Hair Removal. Because of the low energy, it also reduces the chance of burns, even for dark-skinned individuals. 

SHR™ has a built-in cooler on its probe that cools the skin surface, preventing superficial burns and the sensation of pain. The patient will only feel a mild warmth on the skin, unlike IPL or Laser hair removal, which does not have the in-built cooler.

HSD: What area of the body can SHP be treated on?

Dr Wong: SHR has been proven in multiple clinical studies as the safest method of laser hair removal for all skin types (including dark skin whereby melanin is exponentially more sensitive to the heat used in laser treatment) and on different areas of the body. Common areas include: upperlip, chin, underarms, chest, abdomen, bikini line, back and legs.

HSD: How many session does one need to do to achieve good results?

Dr Wong: SHR™ has proven to be able to reduce more than 95% of treated hairs over 6 sessions. 

SHR™ uses the comfortable in-motion technique (as seen in the video below) : it feels like rolling a ball on the skin. The in-motion technique ensures all parts of the area treated are covered, with no harmful overlapping of energy levels.

Typically, 10-20% of treated hairs will drop off 2 weeks after the first session. The recommended treatment course is 6 sessions, once every month. 95% of treated hairs will be removed if the 6-session treatment course is followed.

SPECIAL HSD PROMO: Readers of HSD will get special privileges if planning to try out Super Hair Removal (SHR™), for details, please make an appointment with Dr Israr KJ Wong at KAE Clinic Medical Aesthetics. Call: (65) 6883 2519.

About Dr Israr Wong Kai Jie

Dr Israr Wong Kai Jie is the Medical Director of KAE Clinic Medical Aesthetics. He was conferred the Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine and the Masters of Hair Transplantation from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), the Certificate of Hair Transplantation from Maxwell Hair Clinic of Gangnam, Seoul, and Certificates of Competence for general aesthetics issued by the Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee of Singapore. 

Dr Israr KJ Wong offers all-rounded expertise ranging from injectables (Botox, Fillers), chemicals and light rejuvenation of the skin (Super Skin Rejuvenation), skin lasers (Pixel™ Pro, Korean pigment laser), focused ultrasound facelift technology (Ulthera™) , Super Hair Removal (SHR™) and both surgical/non-surgical options of hair loss.

Dr Israr KJ Wong is also the aesthetic expert for the His Style Diary’s Grooming/Aesthetics section.

“It is not enough for your doctor to offer the science of medical aesthetics, he must deliver the art as well. “ – Dr Israr KJ Wong
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