Day 2 of Seoul Fashion Week continues with predominantly the men’s show, kicking off with Jehee Sheen’s FW 2014 collection. Jehee Sheen seeks to reinterprets Eastern philosophy with a contemporary vision with an interest  in human nature. Designer Jehee Sheen believes that clothing can affect on moral sensibility, and the collection revolves around the theme, worshipping of mother nature and the universe, returning to simplicity and a more casual style.


The sporty, military theme seemed to stay in trend and design Kim SunHo of Groundwave applied this trend in his minimalistic avant-garde collection.


‘LEIGH’, the designer I recently featured on the website did not disappointed with his Fall 2014 collection, he applied his idealology of liberaling ideas and people thoughts with a beautiful collection with a wide variety of fabrics like wool, alpaca and leather in multiple color blocking style.


The fact that Cy Choi’s show was limited very selectively to their privately invited guest only – and I only managed to get an invite at the last minute- got my expectation very high for the show. Also with a military based theme “Beautiful Soldier”, the collection sees a mix of over sized outers contrasted with slimmer fitted jackets, slim fit pants, regular sweatshirts and short sleeves in modern silhouette. But, what was distracting was props that the models were holding as they walked down the runway – we are talking about huge inflated trashbags, stylized hand ‘bags’ made of bundles of masking tapes and ballons. I think that whole effort did not add to the show but draw the attention away from the details of the clothes. I was not impressed.


We moved on to Resurrection, a progressive menswear line by female designer Juyoung Lee,  who had bended the mold of conventional menswear through modern silhouettes and it’s signature dark charm.

The 2014 F/W collection took inspiration from a much desired getaway in the grand rolling green hills, and cliffs of an mysterious island, reflected throughout the collection of grey, black, dark blue and khaki tones in multiple fabrics: wool, woolen fabric, cashmere, fur, leather, reverible jersey.

DOMINIC’S WAY by Song Hye Myung

Another provocative menswear brand is Dominic’s Way, which constantly challenges the standard of men’s clothing by introducing new styles never tried in menswear. The collection is themed “Dead Snow” telling the story of a nation at war in a wild battle field. References to big angled shoulder with a military edge in every different winter fabric like leather, wool, gabardine and velvet.

Kim Seo Ryong

One of my favourite collection thus far at the SFW14 is this one by designer Kim Seo Ryong, themed “Ego Trip” and is about finding one’s self through travel. Retro tailoring meets modern fabrications in a wide array of luxurious suits and outerwear in tweed, plaid and houndstooth.

R.ED (Kang, Dong Jun / Lee, Byung Dae)

Fans of street wear will appreciate the R.ED Collection by designers Kang Dong Jun and Lee Byung Dae in this “Black Hybrid” theme featuring some cool unisex high-end street wear.