You might have read from my recent post that I just came back from a holiday in Seoul. It was not the best time to visit because of the extremely cold weather – it was -10 degree Celsius when my flight landed in Incheon International Airport. For someone from a tropical country like Singapore, the cold weather was something that I have to adjust to, but I was thrilled that I will be able to layer my sweaters, jackets and scarves. I know, coming from a place where tee-shirts, bermudas and Havaiannas are widely accepted like a ‘national costume’, playing with layers is really kinda fun(well at least for the first 2 days).

Anyway, I took the chance to play ‘Sartorialist‘ this trip with the Nikon 3100 DSLR that I borrowed from my friend in hope of capturing some stylish gents on the streets of Seoul. But little did I realize that it’s not an easy task at all – sneaking up on people or trying to take a quick shot of people walking by, without looking like a crazy paparazzi.

So while I work on perfecting my photography skills, here are some cool looking guys I managed to capture on film.

While my intention was to take a picture of this guy, my focus was distracted by a bunch of women crowding round the van in the background. I wonder what are they queuing for.

Loving the shoes on the guy on the right.

Pea coat: A very common jacket worn by the Korean men, and I really love the silhouette of it.

Damn, I wish I got a better picture of this dapperish guy. Liking the loafer very much.

The Goyard St Louis GM. Such a stylish tote for anyone.

Nice hat on this guy. I think he carries this look really well.