This year, if there is one major fashion statement piece you have to invest in, it’s the souvenir jacket (also known as sukajan in Japan). Every major luxury and streetwear label from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, right down to LOSERS, has a version or two. The trend has also been picked up by A-list celebrities all over the world, as you can see below. It comes as part of the trend for men to wear more colourful ensembles, and is the perfect way to blend an artistic, hipster look with a sporty silhouette.

Almost a staple in the late ’80s, early ’90s, it’s coming back hard as the next it-thing in a stylish man’s wardrobe. Most commonly these jackets have brand names in florid typography emblazoned on the back, not dissimilar from how sport jerseys look. What makes them special is the flair and the colour – the more dramatic, the better!

Whether it’s floral chinoiserie, Japanese-style renderings of animals, or random fandom (see bottom of page) over comics and manga, the oft sateen-finished jackets are canvasses that you can use to express your own distinct personality. Some come with zip-up closures which look more modern, and some rock a more vintage look with baseball jacket buttons. Traditionally they come with stretchy collars, sleeve seams and bottom seams with contrasting stripes, but some brands have eliminated those for a more relaxed, louche-y look. souvenir-jacket To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, here are some signature pieces from our favorites brands, and a special piece I picked up during my recent trip to Japan.

KAPITAL Slim-Fit Reversible Striped Cotton-Blend And Velvet Souvenir Jacket

KAPITAL Slim-Fit Reversible Striped Cotton-Blend And Velvet Souvenir Jacket

Paul Smith Denim Blue Souvenir Jacket


Valentino Floral Print Souvenir Jacket

VALENTINO Printed Satin Bomber Jacket

Gucci Floral Print Souvenir Jacket

GUCCI Reversible Geranium-Print Silk-Twill Bomber Jacket

Saint Laurent Printed Souvenir Jacket


Ultraman Limited Edition Reversible Souvenir Jacket (from Japan)