Hong Kong based lifestyle store squarestreet recently launched their first watch, the Minuteman, a product that took its 2 Swedish designers Alexis Holm & David Ericsson three years to create, from the initial concept sketch through a painstaking and meticulous development process to ensured a the quality of the final product.

One unique feature of the Minuteman has to be its single hand face – using only an hour hand, announcing the passage of time in five-minute intervals. The face of the watch features 12 long tick marks denoting hours, with shorter marks denoting 15 minute segments and even shorter markers denoting 5-minute segments. The solitary hand therefore makes two full rotations per day, once in the morning & once in the evening. But if you are looking for precise timing right to the minutes and seconds, the Minuteman is also available with a standard two- hand model with hour & minute display – an elegant circular tip highlights the hour index.

squarestreet presents :::: Minuteman from squarestreet on Vimeo.

For the casing, the Minuteman features an unique case made with hand-made Italian Mazzuchelli acetate. Mazzuchelli acetate delivers an unprecedented depth of colour, for what is essentially a plastic watch, demonstrated by the solid color orange & black models. Semi-transparent acetates such as grey, tortoise, honey & green add a further dimension of luminosity, while showing off the inner metal endoskeleton. Each case is cut with a manual jig, then hand-finished and tumbled for added lustre.

Available in 2 rich solid colours of deepest Black and pure Orange, alongside 4 shades of transparent – Steel Grey, Classic Tortoise Shell, Honey and Fresh Pear Green.

The Minuteman is available at  www.squarestreet.se