Dylan, Creative Director and Tailor, Jacket and Tie from Dylan & Son, Pocket Square from Jim Thompson.

I want to first welcome the team from Shentonista and thanking them for letting me feature some of their street snaps here on His Style Diary. One of few and better street style blog in Singapore, Shentonista chronicles people, faces, and style around the business districts in Singapore. Kudos to them.

This photo features Dylan, creative director a tailor himself,  illustrating how the bigger, brasher impressions of the double-breasted jacket can be toned down and softened for an urban, wearable look. Opting for a mix and match sensibility, a pale pink shirt is teamed with a knitted black tie, while a weaved leather belt, floral pocket square and navy, suede loafers accord the look with added texture and visual interest.

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