Having just returned from a holiday in Toky0 (and NYC) last week, I must admit that the trip has reaffirmed my respect for the Japanese – for their forward approach to fashion. For a country that is very traditional, where people are expected to conform to a social structure (especially in their family and workplace); and talking on a phone in the subway is prohibited, the Japanese are surprising very open to dressing and style.

If you ask me… I’d say that the Japanese has not rules or a fixed look when it comes to dressing. Taking a walk down the streets of Toky0 (my favourite is the Omotesando area) is a feast for the eye (see the main picture above of some guys I snapped while on the street). You will see the Japanese styling themselves in the most creative and stylish ensemble – completely oblivious to what others feel about their looks. That, is the spirit of the Japanese style culture that I look up to, as compared to the boring Singaporeans who are generally afraid to look different or to express their personal style – thus choosing boring, mass produced clothing line, just wanting to blend in with the crowd. And sadly, until we(people in Singapore) start taking charge of our personal wardrobe and coming forth to express ourselves, I don’t see the fashion scene here getting anywhere near the major fashion capitals of the world.

Well, till then, just enjoy some of these photos of stylish Japanese men I found from Streetpeeper.

Source: Streetpeeper.