Norishito in Casely-Hayford

Norishito in Casely-Hayford

What is the best way to seek inspiration for fashion and understand the people of a city? Hit the street and look at what the people are wearing, of course!

All thanks to the pioneer of street fashion photography/blogger, The Satorialist, the internet has now many different sites created by fashion photographers alike to capture the essence of street fashion in many cities around the world. What is amazing is that after researching many different sites and looking the way people dress in the various cities, I realized that regardless of your color or nationality, there are certain similarity in style & trend,  but yet at the same time, there are just as much individualism, identity and characteristics in the way people dress in various cities.

In my last post on “The Stylish Emperor of China” , I was really surprised that shortly after posting it, it became one of my most read post on my blog ( are you guys telling me something here? Smile.). Well, I will take the opportunity to introduce some other sites here on HSD and share with you some looks and style that get my nod.

The first stop-  Tokyo! This is one city that where street fashion really what people travel from all over world to see. Tokyo street fashion is really in a class of its own, it has set the bar so high that no other cities are able to match. I seems almost to me that people in Tokyo live to dress up. There are so much style and individualism in their dressing, that the latest and what is current on the runway really falls secondary to what they want to project of themselves. They are such natural stylist and daring to go towards the unimaginable to try out a new look. It’s no wonder that Lady Gaga loves Tokyo (I mean Japan) so much.

Well, here are some looks that I personally like and would consider wearing myself. I will leave the more avant garde for some other blogs. : ) Oh I so so miss Tokyo.

Source: Street Peeper, Phil Oh