Brand-stag, Brands-tag: these are guys who love brands and tags. In fact, they almost worship them. Your classic fashion victim, these guys are walking encyclopedias of runway looks and trends, highly educated in the seasonal offerings of fashion houses large and small. They are most obsessed with brands that are going through experimental phases, mainly because they offer the exhilarating drug of “the chase”. Favoring the showy, Brandstags not only have the knowledge but flaunt it too, often regarding as badges of honor conspicuous logos, highly recognizable brand items, and the “it” item of the season – bag, shoes or otherwise. The perfect guy to ask “who are you wearing”, the Brandstag address the items of his outfit by designer names, most often with barely concealable enthusiasm and scholastic panache.


More often than not, the Brandstag’s life revolves around fashion. They probably work as fashion stylists, designers, writers, and bloggers. If not, the Brandstag keeps abreast of the latest trends by reading tirelessly any material produced by them. They speak passionately about fashion as politicians do politics, and enjoy a certain level of affluence to be able to purchase their beloved brand items. A Brandstag’s personality is most likely extroverted, and can sometimes come across snooty.


The Brandstag refers more to an attitude than a particular style. He is often seen wearing the latest offerings of the runway, from New York to Milan – most probably a combination of the most talked-about items of that season or show. Iconic, instantly recognizable brand items are a staple for the Brandstag, whether it be the Rottweiler tees of Givenchy’s Fall 2011 collection or evergreens like Versace’s Baroque print tees and Hermes’ belts. As the fashion industry morphs and evolves, so do the wardrobes of the Brandstag.

Sometimes the Brandstag gets manifested in a minimalist style, which while visually simple, never fails to remind the informed onlooker of its branded pedigree – black Armani long-sleeved tee, Dior Homme slim-cut black dress pants, black Gucci oxfords, black leather Saint Laurent bag and acetate sunglasses, and maybe, just maybe, a necklace with a Chanel diamanté pendant.


If you’re in the fashion industry, or love the industry for what it is, this may be something to look into. Especially if you’re a visual person who deeply admires the work of the many great designers of our time, or an absolute fan of Sex and the City or The Devil Wears Prada, or someone who prides himself in immaculate pronunciation of foreign brand names. Go for it.


Know your fashion houses, fashion blogs, fashion magazines, and most importantly, fashion shows and festivals. Reading up on the latest trends will make sure you’re always on the forefront of the curve, not lagging behind in shame. Be bold about trying looks – your courage should match that of the designers who risk their careers with their new collections. Don’t hold back on criticizing what you don’t like about the latest fashion week: the best Brandstag is one with a unique, educated opinion.

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