In this Style Profile feature, we highlight someone all the way from Canada who has been featured in a number of international media outlets and was selected in 2013 by Cision and H&M as one of Canada’s Top 10 Style Influencers.

This stylish personality is Alexander Liang – a 25 year old Entrepreneur, Fashion Editor and Blogger, who founded and edits for KENTON online magazine, and manages his own blog, He is based in Toronto, but often frequents New York, Vancouver and London to cover the latest fashion trends.

His Style Diary chats up with this self-starting fashionisto about his blog and what inspires his sartorial style.

HSD: Hi Alex, you must be very busy as a publisher and editor-in-chief of the magazine KENTON, so what makes you decide to start to blog?

AL: I started blogging after I noticed that many of our KENTON readers were taking interest in some of my outfit posts on our social media channels. I decided to start a blog to connect on a more personal level with my followers and share my life and style.

HSD: What are the challenges you face when blogging?

AL: I think one of the biggest challenges is to keep creating better content and always have a new post that’s more exciting than the last.

HSD: Which other blogs/bloggers do you like?

AL: I have many blogs that I follow, but some of my favorites include The Blonde Salad, I AM GALLA, Jetset Justine and Beckerman Blog.

HSD: Any tips for someone who wants to go into fashion blogging?

AL: I definitely recommend deciding on a clear vision for the blog and sticking with it. Figure out what makes you unique and build around that.

HSD:  Can you tell us about your personal style?

AL: My personal style is rough, yet refined. I have an eclectic sense of style and I like to mix distressed pieces with luxury.

HSD: Who is your style icon?

AL: I don’t really have a style icon, but I do take some style notes from the classic menswear icons like James Dean and Steve McQueen.

HSD: Where do you get your fashion style/inspiration?

AL: I get most inspired by style that I see on the street or from street style imagery. I’m also very inspired by what my industry friends and peers are wearing

HSD: Any pet peeves?

Biggest pet peeve is when I see men wearing blazers that still have the back vent sewn shut. That little thread is just for packaging and should be cut off before wearing!

HSD: To you, what is the biggest fashion faux pas?

AL: Wearing clothing that is too small for your body. Proper fit is important!

HSD:What is your one wardrobe essential?

AL: A perfect plain black crew neck tee.

HSD: Name me something you are obsessed with… (Bags? Shoes? Ties? Etc….)

AL: All things Hermès!

HSD: Boxers or Briefs?

AL: Definitely boxer briefs. Calvin Kleins.

HSD: Who are your favorite fashion brands/designers?

AL: Hermès, J. Crew, Lacoste, Zara

HSD: Where do and where do you like to shop? I like to shop everywhere and anywhere.

AL: I always like to see what’s in store in a wide variety of places, because you never know what you might find!

HSD: Do you feel that men are generally fashionable from where you come from?

AL: I think men are pretty conservative here in Toronto, but they’re getting more adventurous every day. Slowly but surely!

HSD: Describe your daily grooming regime?

AL: Shower full body, shampooing my hair with L’Oreal Professional silver shampoo and conditioning with Redken Perfect Platinum conditioner. Then Kiehl’s toner and moisturizer on my face, followed by body lotion. I run some Rusk styling creme through my hair, blow dry and finish with Redken hairspray.

 HSD: What’s the craziest thing you have done with your hair?

AL: I went platinum blonde last year – my hair was literally white.

HSD : Have you, and would you go for a men’s facial?

AL: Absolutely. I love facials!

HSD: How about non-surgical aesthetics procedure like fillers or botox?

AL: No. I believe in aging gracefully.

HSD: Give us a style tip

AL: Limit your outfit to just 2 colors – sometimes simplicity is the most chic.