The true test of a fashionisto is the ability to challenge and experiment with different kind of style, and not getting fixed on a certain style. We found this trail in our Style Profile personality in the article. His name is Laurence Li who lives in New York City. As a visual merchandiser, stylist, illustrator and fashion designer, Laurence started a blog Atomshell about 2 years ago on vintage street style. We speak to him about his unique style and stuff that interests him as a style blogger.

HSD: Hi Laurence, tell us a little about your blog?

LL : I started my blog Atomshell two years ago as a vintage street style blogger. I started by mixing eccentric vintage pieces with fast fashion basic pieces from brands like H&M. It was sort of like a photo diary for me to document my experimentations of my outfits of the day mixing clashing colors and textures one normally would not wear out on the street.

I like to challenge myself. I remember when I only liked certain type of style once and a close friend gave me an advice to challenge myself to read and try things I do not like. Others like the things I do not like for a reason and I would like to stand from their perspective to see and digest. I mean we can always choose to leave it after we try something we do not like, right?

There are tons of blogs I adore. Style Bubble and Fashiontoast are both on my top-list.

I am currently finding new treasures and talents wherever I go whether it is New York, Vancouver or China. I hope to feature and introduce more talented fashion designers on my blog and use their garments to create more diverse outfits that suit me.

HSD: Can you give any advice to aspiring bloggers out there?

LL : My tip to fashion blogger newbies is to try something new. You never know what will happen that will surprise yourself.

HSD: What’s your personal style?

LL : Prints, colors, shapes.

HSD: Where do you get your fashion style/inspiration?

LL : I get inspired by everything including paintings, sculptures, streetwear, and magazines.

HSD: Any pet peeves?

LL :  I do not know if this is a pet peeve or not. I do not wear anything two days in a row.

HSD: What is your one wardrobe essential?

LL : A nice pair of shoes.

HSD: Name me something you are obsessed with… 

LL : SOCKS, different colors, prints, lengths, and textures.

HSD: Are you a boxer to brief person? 

LL : Briefs.

HSD: Name me your favorite fashion brands/designers?

LL : To name a few: Raf Simons, Comme des Garcons, Simone Rocha.

HSD: Where do and where do you like to shop?

LL : I shop EVERYWHERE from a vintage store, consignment store to department stores like Barneys to fun boutiques like Opening Ceremony and Oak to online stores like Ssense.

HSD: Where do you get your haircut? 

LL : I get them from Zeal in Vancouver from the hair-stylist Jacob, once a month.

HSD: Do  you have a  favorite hair-cut?

LL : Mushroom cut(straight bangs) with shaved sides. Basically my haircut now.

HSD: What’s the craziest thing you have done with your hair?

LL :  I do not know which is more crazy, shaving them all off or bleached and dyed all my hair to white platinum blonde.

HSD: Have you, and would you go for a men’s facial?

LL : Yes.

HSD: What’s your opinion about getting aesthetics procedure done to ones face – non-surgical (e.g. laser, fillers, botox) and plastic surgery procedure?

LL : I think it is just another option to feel good about oneself. I would not do it myself but I am not against them at all.

HSD: What’s your favorite watch at the moment?

LL : Nixon Gold Chrono watch.

HSD : Name me 5 things you can’t leave home without?

LL : Iphone, Wallet, Keys, Lip balm, Listerine Mint.

HSD: Give us a style tip:

LL : Try something different!