When I started this blog, one of my wish is to be able to change the perception that men’s clothing must be boring and most men do not care much about styling and looking good. That thinking is so …( soooo distant I can’t even think of a year to place it). So aside from sharing news and information about fashion, I wanted to also compliment and highlight people whom I have met or found online, and have displayed great sense of style and make fashion a part of their everyday life. I have therefore included a section Street Style in this blog.

You might have read one of my earlier blog entry on Mike M from Moldova; stylist photographer/journalist. But today, I am going to feature this 21 year old design student from Singapore ( now who says that who don’t have stylist people in Singapore). His name is Kevin and coincidentally he also writes a blog ( do check it out).

What I really like about his style is that he looks completely comfortable in it and he is very clever and daring in using colors. We are not talking about overly exaggerated outfit here, but he is presenting looks that are extremely wearable and I just wish I see more people putting in such effort here in Singapore.

I am so tired of the flip flops, bermudas, tank top look (or what I call the dragon boat boys look), they look cute for a while until everyone started wearing it…OMG! But then, I have also seen some crazy outfits by more adventurous ‘fashionistas’ (and trust me, I worked in the media industry and I have seen them all) that look busier and louder than the Christmas tree.

Sorry for sidetracking, I can get carried away when complaining about people…haha

Anyway, Kevin has done a good job and presented a very fashionable look, perfect for his age and style. And Kevin, you pose very well and you have a damn good photographer friend there. 🙂

Check out some of his looks here. You can also go to Lookbook.nu to give him a little HYPE (vote) if you like it