When I was 17… … well,  let’s not go there, nor even talk about my dressing back then. It can only be compared to that old high school photos that you wished never got published and you secretly want them burnt away. Anyway, bygones…

Today, the Generation Y is a completely different breed . They are individualistic , fashion conscious and they are purposeful and willing to stand for a right cause. According to a New York based research company L2 Think Tank,  the Gen Y is leading the Baby Boomers and Gen X in fashion trend and they will be the biggest market for luxury goods. Much of this, in my opinion, is due to the advancement of the digital technology. It has become so easy access to  the latest fashion news and trend news from the web, social media and thousands of blog sites (and this humble site included), and sites like Lookbook.nu is just one of the fashion social community that encourages the exchange of fashion culture around the world.

I stumbled upon Dake Hu’s profile today. Dake is 17 years old,  an Electronic Engineering student from Taiwan, and for an engineering student, I was really impressed by his sophisticated dress sense that would put many much older working men(and uncles) to shame. Well, just to prove my point about the ease of the digital media, I dropped Dake an email and within an hour we were both exchanging thoughts and the following email interview was completed.

“Do not worry about what other people think or feel, just create your own fashion style”


1) At such a young age of 17, you are very stylish. Where do you get all your fashion inspirations from?
DAKE: 大部份我從各個時尚網站、街拍網站、時裝雜誌得到我的靈感,一有時間就瀏覽這些有關時尚的事物,甚至每個月都要買幾本時裝雜誌來增加自己的時尚靈感與品味,當然我也很喜歡閱讀其他來自世界各國的blogger網站,可以欣賞每個blogger不同的時尚風格,也或許能從中加入自己的想法而激發出新的靈感。

(I get most of my inspirations from fashion website, street fashion photography sites, fashion magazines and I would browse through these sources whenever I am free. Every month, I would buy a few copies of fashion magazines to stay updated on the latest trend and style. And finally, I also read other fashion blogs from around the world and see the various style of different blogger and while doing so, I can get new inspiration from them.)

2) Who is/are your fashion designer/s?
DAKE: Christopher Bailey是我最喜歡的設計師,我非常喜歡濃厚的英倫風格,更喜歡Christopher BaileyBurberry所設計的時裝!每一次的時裝秀總是都有讓我驚豔的時尚元素與單品出現!

(My favorite designer is Christopher Bailey. I love the rich English style and especially like what Christopher Bailey creates for Burberry. Every season, there will also be a prominent trend or item that I will love from Burberry)

3) I really like your haircut and color, how would you advise someone when selecting the right hair cut?
DAKE: 其實我本來也是個黑髮的亞洲男孩,但是我在2010年的春天鼓起勇氣染了一頭金髮,從此我就愛上了金髮與我自己時尚style的結合,我的捲髮也不是燙的,是自己使用電棒而捲出來的,其實最主要還是要找個值得信任的hairstylist,並且與他做溝通才能剪出一個適合自己的髮型、髮色、與造型,之後靠自己慢慢學習,才能在每次出門前做出自己想要的頭髮造型。

(I actually have naturally black hair but in summer 2010, I plucked up my courage and dyed my hair blond. I fell in love with the color and thought that it really matches my style at this time and have since stuck with the color. My curls are not perms, but I used a iron hair curler to achieve the effect myself. Honestly, the most important aspect of getting a great hairstyle is to find a reliable hairstylist and communicating with him/her to find the haircut, color and style that will be suitable for you. It also takes lots of practice on my own to learn how to style the different types of looks for myself.)

4) What is your favorite fashion item or accessories?
DAKE: 不可缺少的永遠是襯衫與西裝外套!我實在是太愛這些能襯托出氣質的紳士單品了。

(That will definitely be  the T-shirt and jacket, I simply love them as they are great items to help accentuate ones personal style.)

5) Can you give me a quote on fashion (or style)?
DAKE: 最主要的還是不要在意別人對你的想法與看法,just create your own fashion style”。

(Most importantly “Do not worry about what other people think or feel, just create your own fashion style”).

6) You are from Taiwan, can you recommend the H.S.D readers  interesting places to shop for stylish clothes in Taiwan?

DAKE: 如果大家來到Taipei, Taiwan,除了台灣知名的夜市(Night Market)之外,你們可以在台北市東區(eastern area of Taipei city)的小巷子買到一些很不錯的衣服,台北市東區的小巷子指的是MRT捷運站”忠孝敦化站(Zhongxiao Dunhua Station)”那附近的小巷,從各個捷運站出口出去後往巷弄內走,除了有很多美食、餐廳與BAR之外,總是能發現很多很棒的風格服飾店,常常能在那買到自己喜歡的時尚單品,而那附近也有很多百貨公司(如:Sogo、Ming Yao明曜百貨)、歐美品牌和一些平價連鎖品牌(如:Uniqlo、即將開幕的ZARA台北第二家店),是一個在台北很值得逛街的地點。

(During your visit to Taipei (Taiwan), aside from visiting the famous Night Markets, you should also visit the Eastern area of Taipei city and find great fashion clothing especially in the smaller streets near the Zhongxiao Dunhua Station. Aside from finding fantastic fashionable shops, you will also find many eating outlets, restaurants and bars. Nearby, you will also find bigger departmental stores like Sogo, Ming Yao Department Store, European and American brands and mass retailer like Uniqlo and a 2nd Zara store,which will be opened soon. This area is definitely a shopping spot worth visiting.)

Dake Hu writes a fashion blog and has a Lookbook.nu profile . Do visit his page and give him a HYPE.