One of the section that I really enjoy working on is Style Spotting as I get to approach people I have never met from different corners of the world (thanks to the internet and sites like to interact and discover their style inspiration, and how fashion is interpreted by different cultures. I am actually more amazed by how fashion has transcended borders and cultural differences to reaches out to everyone, everywhere.

Today, I am introducing Louis Ping from Chengdu,China. He is a make-up artist by profession and working in an environment surrounded by fashion inspiration everyday. I like how his influence from high fashion and glamor materialize in his dressing. Below is my quick interview with him as I ask him some questions about fashion and what inspires him. (The interview has been translated into English, but I am retaining his original Mandarin answers for those of you who reads Mandarin.)

 1) Tell me a bit about yourself…

Louis: HI,大家好, 我是Louis, 来自中国成都,我是一名彩妆师, 已经有10年的化妆经验, 曾与DIOR,MAC,LANCOME有过密切的合作, 作品也曾经登上《COSMO》《ELLE》《VOGUE》杂志, 很高兴在这里和大家聊有关于时尚的内容。

(Hi everyone, my name is Louis from Chengdu, China. I am a professional make-up artist with 10 years of experience. I have worked closely with make-up brands like Dior, MAC, Lancome and my work had been featured in magazines such as COSMO, ELLE, VOGUE. I am very happy to be here to discuss about fashion with eveyone.)

2) Where do you get your fashion style/inspirations from?

Louis: 我平时会经常翻阅时尚杂志, 当然网络是我最主要的时尚资讯来源的通道。

( I like to flip through fashion magazines regularly, but the internet is my leading source of fashion news and information)

3) Is there anyone (model, actor etc) who has a strong influence in your style?

Louis: 我想我最爱的设计是COCO CHANEL, 因为我非常喜欢优雅高级的风格, 但现在我非常喜欢设计师是mcqueen, 他的设计风格让我疯狂。而Model, 我则非常的喜欢Sasha(俄罗斯姑娘),可能我对北欧的女子都有一种莫名的向往!

(I love COCO CHANEL because I really like high-end glamor. Right now, I am also crazy with the designs from McQueen. In terms of model, I like this Russian model Sasha, maybe because of my fascination with Northern European ladies.

4) Who are your favorite fashion brands/designers and where do you like to shop (physical store and online)?

Louis:最爱的设计师一定是 Karl Lagerfeld我购物的渠道有很多, 商店, 网络, 二手店我都喜欢。

( My favorite designer is Karl Lagerfeld. I shop from various channels such as the boutique, online or even at second-hand stores.

 5) What is/are your favorite fashion item or accessories in your wardrobe?

Louis: 大衣, 衬衣, 牛仔裤。

(Jacket, Shorts and Jeans)

6) Coming from China, what do you feel about its people towards fashion?

Louis: 中国人对于时尚是非常热爱的, 但是中国人对于时尚的理解程度不同, 但是每一个人都希望自己变得更漂亮。

(The Chinese are in love with fashion, but they have very limited knowledge and understanding of fashion. Regardless, everyone wishes to make himself/herself look better.)

7) Where would you recommend someone visiting in China to visit for the best shopping for fashionable clothes?

Louis: 北京的三里屯, 上海的新天地, 都是非常年轻时髦的地方。

(In Beijing, one should visit San Li Tun Village. In Shanghai, the Xin Tian Di.)

8) As a make-up artist, do you think that guys should wear make-up? Can you give us a make-up tip that guys can use?

Louis: 其实所有人都可以化妆, 化妆是没有年龄和性别之分的, 每个人对于化妆的需求和方式也完全不同。但是,我个人的推荐清单。


女生:粉底,眉毛,睫毛膏,腮红,口红,头发造型 ,香水

(In fact, anyone can put on make-up regardless of age or gender but everyone make-up needs are different. I normally go for something light. For men: some foundation, lip balm, eyebrow, hair product and fragrance. For women: foundation, eyebrow, mascara, blusherm, lipstick, hairstyling and fragrance.)


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