Preparing for the Style Spotting section is one of my favourite as I get to approach many stylish people from around the world – many of whom I do not know at first – and collaborating with them, making friends and getting them to share with His Style Diary their views and tips behind their personal style. Fashion is a universal language, it allows anyone to express themselves to anyone regardless of nationality, race, gender -and with the explosion of internet – geographical location.

I met Toni when I stumbled upon his profile on Toni is from London and what stuck me about him was his unique , bold sense of style. He is the kind of guy that is going to get your attention when you bump into him on the street. He has a very high street style, bold, rebellious and daring to make his own rules. Truly, that’s when I find fashion getting fun- to be able to experiment and try out different looks, making mistakes at times but learning from it each time.

Here’s a my little interview with Toni as he shares his view with us…enjoy!

Tell me a bit about yourself…

My names Toni Tran, 20, Architecture Student. I have been living in London all my life, but my ethnicity is Vietnamese. Street Style Photography and Fashion blogging has become a hobby since Feb 2011, where I’ve embraced a fusion between what I study and combined the two, known as Fashitects. I love to travel and explore the unknown, shopping and designing.

Where do you get your fashion style/inspiration from?

Toni: The versatility of my wardrobe differs from day to day, so my style varies from vintage to modern, tailored to casual. My inspirations come from designer collections and from the coming trends, street style, Japan and everyday people. Tom Ford is an inspirational person for his ability to see both Architecture and Fashion and adapted the two in design.

Is there anyone who has a strong influence in your style?

Toni: When I was young, I looked up to my brother’s style; it was nicely tailored casual clothing. I use to borrow his clothing, as I wasn’t fashionable, now it’s the other way round, he is taking clothes from my wardrobe. Style has just grown with my taste in fashion, as people always thought I was fashionable, but I look back and never wear the same combination of clothing, still today. Mixing and matching, complimentary colour coordination, looking at materials, colours and styles to wear my outfits.

Who are your favorite fashion brands/designers and where do you like to shop?

Toni: My current favorite designers are James Long menswear, Burberry, KTZ, Breaks London. My high street favorites are Topman, Riverisland, Zara and I like the occasional unique items from Vintage stores for great bargains. My current online store is VirginBlak, I love the combination of every store, and mixing and matching is what makes fashion so great.

What are your favorite fashion item or accessories in your wardrobe?

Toni: It’s hard to choose, but my favorite kind of item of clothing would be coats and blazers, as I have over 50.

Coming from London, what do you feel about its people towards fashion?

Toni: There is a lot of individuality, stylish people in London, edgy fresh and bold characters. People are becoming more fashion conscious and turning to the highstreet. Style is not something you can just buy, it’s something that grows on you.

Where would you recommend someone visiting London for the best Shopping for fashionable clothes?

Toni: Collaborative high street designers are becoming more fashionable, Oxford Street and Regent Street is generally the place to shop, you have your designers and department stores.

As a fashion blogger, what’s the hardest for you and whats your most enjoyable part?

Toni: The hardest for me is keeping up to date with my wardrobe; I generally have lots of new items, that never get’s photographed, finding someone that can take my photos is a challenge too. My most enjoyable part about fashion blogging is sharing my own personal style and receiving appreciated feedback about my blog. Meeting people in this industry is always a plus, that involves fashion events; fashion shows, meeting designers and attending parties. The unknown that has lead from blogging is a surprising journey, as I have collaborated with fashion styling, photoshoots, and am currently designing for a high street brand for next year’s men’s clothing.

Can you give me a quote on fashion (or style)?

Toni: Your street is your runway, walk it with style.


Do also visit Toni at his blog and catch out more looks in the gallery below.