For this Style Spotting feature, I am going to take everyone a little further away… all the way to Vancouver to meet my new friend M’c Kenneth. Kenneth is also a style blogger with his blog  “LittleFashionisto” . Take a look, it’s really nicely done- well it certainly helped that Kenneth is a interactive media specialist himself. Anyway, I like it that Kenneth has a wide variety of style with his dressing despite his smaller build. So no excuse for those of you who always complain about not being able to find something for yourself, that is pure excuses for laziness.

Here’s my little interview with Kenneth who shares with us some interesting things about himself and Vancouver.

Tell me a bit about yourself…

My name is M’c Kenneth, I’m 22 years old from Vancouver Canada, originally from the Philippines.  I am an interactive media developer/branding specialist for OAK + FORT ( and a personal style blogger for

Where do you get your fashion style/inspirations from?

Kenneth: My inspirations come from everywhere.  I am easily inspired by simple things around me and often  find it hard to stop my brain from constantly absorbing inspirations.  Online magazine, print magazine, great artwork, random people on the street are part of my inspirations fused with my own personality and limitations.

Is there anyone (model, actor etc) who has a strong influence in your style?

Kenneth: I adore Sean O’pry and have been following his modeling career ever since.  I think he has a very humble beginning and have worked very hard to get where he is now.

Who are your favorite fashion brands/designers and where do you like to shop (physical store and online)?

Kenneth: I love how Lanvin puts out a very luxurious way for men to dress.  I am also a big fan of Dior Homme, which plays with minimalism and androgyny every now and then.  In real life however, because of my tiny frame, I always find myself browsing big retailers such as Zara and H&M kids.  I also enjoy digging up vintage pieces at local vintage boutiques and thrift stores.

What is/are your favorite fashion item or accessories in your wardrobe?

Kenneth: This is very tough, but I’d say it must be my collection of socks.


Coming from Vancouver, what do you feel about its people towards fashion?

Kenneth: Vancouver is a very laid back city, but that doesn’t mean its people don’t care about fashion at all.  Vancouver has a very diverse fashion scene and one will be amazed how influences from many different countries all come together to create a unique style of our own.  Vancouver is also very active in the ‘Green’ movement, which is very evident in the people’s and local brands’ sartorial choices.

Where would you recommend someone visiting Vancouver to visit for the best shopping for fashionable clothes?

Kenneth: I would have to say, start in downtown Vancouver – Robson Street and Granville Street has all the major fashion brands and retailers.  USED has a great selection of amazing vintage pieces.  Gastown has the best independent local boutiques in the city.  You may also check out west Fourth Avenue and Main Street.

As a fashion blogger, what’s the hardest for you and what’s your most enjoyable part?

Kenneth: The hardest part would be juggling work + events + blogging + social life + family.  You can only do so much in a day and most of the time, I find myself running on caffeine and realizing that I’ve been up for more than 48hours (pheww, that was harsh).

The most enjoyable part of blogging would be meeting all the wonderful and talented people in the industry, who all share the same interests as I do.

Also, knowing that I am able to inspire people from all over the world and touch their lives through my blog is very rewarding to me.

Can you give me a quote on fashion (or style)?

Kenneth: Limitation sparks creativity.


Do also visit Kenneth at his blog and social sites below.