We have all heard that the Italians are born with style running in their blood, that they naturally dresses well and fashionably. After all, the hottest designer brands today are from Italy, just think Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Versace and the list just goes on. I am planning a trip to Italy to see it myself hopefully in the later half of the year,  but before that I want you to meet Filippo Fiora (from Italy, of course) – handsome, very stylish, but not ostentatious. Filippo, to me, is the epitome of the type of guy that appreciates and reads His Style Diary, and the type of guy it represents.

At 25 years old, Filippo is an architecture student and a fashion blogger. Wanting to share his love for fashion, he created his blog TheThreeF.com in 2009 and quickly got noticed. After less than two years since its creation, thethreef.com is one of the more popular fashion blog dedicated to men’s fashion in Italy and Europe. He has also been interview by several magazines and worked with brands like Swatch, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Patrizia Pepe, etc.

I managed to get in touch with him, who has kindly agreed to this short interview and feature, to share with us about his thoughts on style and what he has to say to other fashionistos.


Tell me a bit about yourself and what got you started on your blog “The Three F”. Your blog has gain much popularity in your country and you have been featured by some websites and magazines. Who are your readers and where are they from? Do you intend to do this professionally as your full time career after you finish your studies?

Filippo: The 40% of my readers are Italians and the 60% left comes especially from Europe (Germany,Uk and France) and USA. Also visitors coming from East Asia are growing fast.

I’m graduating in April. I’m studying to become an architect. So there is gonna be like a giant fork in front of me. One path is connected to the world of architecture and design and the other one is linked to my blog ( that I already consider like a job) and the world of fashion. I’m very scared of this decision that I have to take soon.

I really like your dressing style and you look sharp in all your photos. Where do you get your style inspirations from? Is there anyone who inspires your style?

Filippo: Although I love looking at people surrounding me and taking them as precious examples to reinterpret according to my point of view, my style is strictly personal.
I don’t follow a lot of fashion bloggers and I don’t read so many fashion magazines. I think they are too influenced by advertising.

Who is/are your fashion designer/s and why?

Filippo: The perfect brand doesn’t exist. Each brand keeps its own specificity. If you want some name I can say Prada innovation, YSL, Dries Van Noten and Dior Homme  perfect fit and Burberry reinterpretation of tradition.

Many people say that “Italian men are very stylish and fashionable.” Do you agree with this? Is this something that Italian men has naturally or something that they work on?

Filippo: Of course! We are the best dressed in the world! =D
Style is just inside our DNA and I think that Italians have a natural tendency to beauty. For instance, If you think about Germany you think about technology but I you think about Italy you think about beauty. Don’t you?

What is your favorite fashion item or accessories in your closet that you cannot live without?

Filippo: I couldn’t live without a pair of my Church’s shoes. I love them because they are perfect for all the situations.

Can you recommend the H.S.D readers some interesting places to visit for stylish fashionable clothes when in Milan?

Filippo: You should have a shopping session in montenapoleone area, then visit Excelsior Milano (a new luxury concept store) and also 10CorsoComo.

Can you give me your fashion quote?
Filippo: Every time I think about my blog, my mind goes to the thousand of people that follow me every day, pushing me to go on. Thank you so much!


See more of Filippo Fiora below and at www.thethreef.com and Lookbook.nu