If the image above looks like you on a normal day heading to work. You NEED to read this!

On the other hand, if you have shunned the backpack ever since you left high school, because you, like many sartorially inclined people, ofter remarked about men who lugged their nylon backpack to and from work, and to the gym, in their office attire – the ultimate sartorial faux pas for men. Then what you are going to see below might spark your interest again for the backpack.

In recent fashion seasons, we have seen the backpack resurfacing as a staple accessory for men. Brands like MCM and Givenchy have released really funky designs for the more fashionable, and more traditional backpack brand like Eastpac has started collaboration with fashion labels like Kris Van Assche in an attempt to tap into a different market. But if limited editions and fanciful in-season designs are not your cup-of-tea, then I would suggest the 4 following leather backpacks that will last you a very long time, while looking chic and stylish.


Saint Laurent Leather Backpack

1) Saint Laurent Leather Backpack

Mr Hedi Slimane continues his quest to upgrade grungy accessories by giving them a luxurious edge. The above Saint Laurent black leather backpack balances rakish cool with a considered touch, featuring multiple buckled pockets and a spacious interior. Sling it over a lightweight jacket for an unfalteringly contemporary look. Available at Mr Porter.

Marni Leather Backpack

2) Marni Leather Backpack

Constructed from fine, soft leather, the above Marni backpack is loosely structured and perfect for the weekend. The multiple pockets and spacious interior ensure you’re all set for well-dressed days out. Available at Mr Porter.

Givenchy Leather Backpack

3) Givenchy Leather Backpack

Crafted from richly textured full-grain leather, this Givenchy backpack will make a powerful addition to sleek city outfits. The Parisian label keeps details to a minimum on this piece, with simple logos at the front. Available at Mr Porter.

Balenciaga Leather Backpack

4) Balenciaga Leather Backpack

Made in Italy using traditional tanning methods, this Balenciaga’s backpack is a considered addition to your modern repertoire. The utilitarian pockets and signature studs give this supple creased-leather piece a dose of attitude. Available at Mr Porter.