Look 1: Natural tight perm

This look is natural and fresh. Hair is cut short on top with layers  and leaving an outline of the bangs above the eyebrow level. A low-light is given around the face with a dark brown color over a smoky base mat. The hair is then given a light natural curl with a perm or with a reverse roll using a heat roller. Finally a touch of fiber based wax is used to style the hair to achieve a  loose naturally look.

Look 2: Neo Tornado

This is very popular look seen in Japanese magazines buts lots of practice and time is need to style this well. The hair is cut with varying layers of longer & shorter length to create movement for the hair.

A big loose perm could keep the hair in shape or you could use a roller to create that curl ( with the help of a really skillful hand.) Use a good wax that creates volume and lift on slightly damp hair, gently blow dry hair and use your fingers to put and shape the hair to finish.

Look 3: Short natural & cool

For those of you who wants a simple cut that is easy to manage.The hair is cut short with heavy layering specially at the side. The front is kept short as well to accentuate the facial features. Styling is easy, simply use a good wax  on dry hair and use finger to shape and twist hair on end into the desired shape.

Source: Beauty-box.jp