Many people have asked me what is the difference between the ‘fringe’ and ‘bangs’ and I googled that subject around before starting this post.

The truth is, there is really no difference between the 2, people often used them interchangeably. The Americans then to use ‘bangs’ while the Brits call them the ‘fringe’.  I personally prefer to call it the ‘fringe’ because ‘bangs’ sounded a little too girly for me, but seriously they both refer to hair that is cut short around the forehead.

There is currently a trend of men sporting a neat fringe ( or bangs) and can be seen in many international fashion shows. The Koreans artistes seems to like it as well (see my earlier post) and below are a few variations (there are more) for your reference. Just remember that the fringe does not have to be a boring straight line, you can try an asymmetrical or side fringe that frames your face nicely.

Look 1 : A neat fringe cut an inch above the eye brow and instead of a straight fringe, this one has a gentle curve to frame the face.

Look 2: This is an example of an asymmetrical fringe that is higher on one side an angled to one side.

Look 3: For those who thicker hair, the fringe is kept long here and allowed to fall below the brows. Great with some highlights or color in the hair.


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