For those of you working in a corporate environment, looking neat and professional is a given but somehow that also translate into “dull” and “boring” for many men who already couldn’t care less for their dressing and looks.

I , for one, have always been lucky to work in the creative and versatile environment where fashionable outfit ( is a must) and a funky haircut are not greeted by startled stares from fellow colleagues.

The following 5 hairstyles are some examples that we can learn from our Japanese friends and they are perfectly acceptable in Japan’s office. Ok, I know, some of you might still find some of the haircut too ‘fashionable’ for your boss’s liking. Well, my advise to you….. Fire your boss! 🙂

Look 1: Short Faux Hawk

This haircut is short and extremely easy to style and manage. Leave it black or go for a dark brown color and texture it with some wax for a slightly mess up look on top.

Look 2: Short Top
This haircut is  even shorter that Look 1 and perfect for those who can’t style their hair. It is literally a wash, dry and go cut.  But, if you want to keep it looking neat and tidy, a trim every 2-3 weeks is necessary.
Look 3 & 4: Medium Spike Top
Look 3 & 4 have a similar style except for a slight difference in the length and styling of the fringe. Great with some colors in the hair to allow the layering to show.Neckline and around the ears are clean but ‘feathery’, and hair is grown out but layered thin by the side. Style with hair wax at the tips (not the roots) , pull and style the hair into shape(some practice will  help).

Look 5: Medium Bangs

For those who wants a slighter longer hair cut and a fringe, you can try keep your hair in this style. Grow your hair out in front and by the side but keeping it clean at the ears and neckline. As the fringe can look very heavy on dark black hair, try giving it a shade lighter or some highlight to soften the front.