I have not made any post on hair style for the last 2 weeks, and honestly, I am desperately in need of a haircut myself. For the last few months, I have been trying to grow my hair because I have always had very short haircut, and anyone who has ever attempted to grow out his hair will know that growing one’s hair can be a very tedious process and takes a lot of endurance. I have failed many times because my short hair gets very messy and out of shape quickly and I am constantly tempted to trim it.

To satisfy everyone’s different preferences, I have picked 4 different looks to share in this post today. Hope you will find something inspiring for you.

Look 1:

The cut has mid length hair but kept neatly at the side and the back. The curls on the hair could be achieved with a large naturally perm of if you know how to do it, using a heat roller.

Look 2

A very popular style with Korean guys. Hair is grown longer at the side and the back and the fringe is cut just above the eyebrow to give a boyish look. Hair is layered very lightly to maintain volume and movement in the hair.


Look 3

A short and very easy to maintain style. The cut is very versatile and works with most people who finds it a hassle to style his hair. A gentle amount of styling pomade, using your hand to ruffle up the hair quickly and you are ready to go.

Look 4

Like Look 2 , this style is very popular in Korea , made famous by Korean pop artistes. Hair is grow out longer with lots of volume on top, the asymmetrical fringe falls nicely over the forehead to frame and shape the facial features of the model nicely. ( This is the style I am trying keep at the moment :P)