This is a second part of my hairstyle series that focus on Japanese inspired style that could pass off in the office environment. We looked at 5 different looks in my first article, so here are another 5 different styles for you to ponder upon this  afternoon as you fight your Monday blues. For all you know, you might just want to pick up your phone and make a hair-cut appointment this evening and give yourself a new look, just in time for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Look 1

A great hairstyle for those working in companies that are not overly conservative. Lighten your hair color with a shade of brown and keep your hair layered in a medium short length all around. With proper styling (see model), you can achieve a really stylish look. Great for those working in the marketing, advertising or PR industry.

Suitable for all hair shape.

Look 2

A slightly more conserved look than Look 1 and keeping the hair neat around the ear and at the neck.  This hair style is versatile and can be styled down during office hours, but you still have enough length to play with for a more trendy styling after work. Works well in most working environment these days.

Suitable for all oval, diamond, oblong shaped face.


Look 3

This style is longer and thicker than the 2 previous haircuts and less (or no) layering on the hair. Keeping the fringe just above the brows , and sides above the ears gives it neat and professional look. The fringe can help those with a high forehead as well.

Suitable for all face shape except people with very round face.

Look 4

For those working in a very conservative environment, try this next 2 looks.  Short and super easy to manage, although a short cut with require more trips to the hair stylist to keep it looking sharp and neat.There is nothing worst than short hair that is growing and sticking out untidily like porcupine.

Because the hair is cut close short and close to the face, it will also accentuate your face shape so it is best for people with oval, square and long face (but have a parting off to the side to break the length of the face).

Look 5

Like Look 4 , this style is short and easy to manage, but because the fringe is short here, you will need to have great and sharp features to pull this off.  The black rimmed glassed helped to framed the face in this picture.

This look should not be tried by round, diamond, heart-shaped or triangles faces as it will accentuate the roundness and the wideness of the forehead.