In my excitement planning for my upcoming trip to Tokyo in April, I started to go through all my Japanese magazines and websites for style inspiration and it give me the idea to do some hair trend from Japan again, especially knowing that everyone really like to look the the hair styles I put up here on HSD.

I am not sure if you have noticed, in the last 1 year or so there has been a growing trend of guys sporting some form of perm – something I have yet to dare try on myself. In all honesty, if it is done right (on someone with good features) it can look really stylish. But please… stay away from the ‘maggi mee’  or  ‘poodle’ perm unless you are some black hip-hop rapper stuck in the disco era or something – and I know just a guy from my gym who came in one day with that look, LOL!

Giving the hair a slight perm also helps to create some volume for the hair , especially for people with fine limp hair, and makes it easier to style. However, if you are considering a perm, do speak to your hairstylist before attempting anything you will regret later, and like I always say, bring some picture references to show your hairstylist so he/she can better understand what you want. Trust me, many hairstylists claim they know what you want but they really just do ‘what they want’ – so better to be clear from the very beginning.

Anyway, here are 5 stylish looks with some perm or waves in the hair that you could consider. Which is your favorite?