D-I-Y Aesthetic Medical Treatments For Men

Try out these aesthetic devices that tout similar results as these treatments administered professionally by doctors. It could save you some money, and time as well for you could get these treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Tested: Experiencing the Ulthera treatment

Following my earlier post introducing Ulthera, the non-surgical facelift that is offering people a chance to a tighter more youthful face without going under the knife, I had a chance to trial the procedure myself to experience the effect of this very popular treatment at Dr Israr Wong from Kae Clinic.

Ultherapy: The non-surgical facelift

If you are, like me, approaching the big 4 soon, you will understand the constant battle one has to face with aging sagging skin, and skin that's losing its elasticity and natural texture. The thought of getting a facelift suddenly is not so foreign anymore.