Saint Laurent Leather Backpack

Stylish backpacks that will never go out of style

In recent fashion seasons, we have seen the backpack resurfacing as a staple accessory for men. Brands like MCM and Givenchy have released really funky designs for the more fashionable, and more traditional backpack brand like Eastpac has started collaboration with fashion labels like Kris Van Assche in an attempt to tap into a different market. But if limited editions and fanciful in-season designs are not your cup-of-tea, then I would suggest the 4 following leather backpacks that will last you a very long time, while looking chic and stylish.
JS shoe

All I want for Christmas …

With Christmas just 2 weeks away, I thought that maybe I should starting putting down a list of my wishes for Santa Clause ( a hint all of you folks who wants to buy me a present.... wishful kidding? I know) Anyway, as I was browsing through all the wonderful websites preparing for my gift guide posts, I came across a handful of wonderful items that I would love to own myself. So I am sharing it with you here...