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8 Male Style Influencers of Singapore to Watch Out For

Handpicked for their outstanding style and cool work on Instagram, each of them thrives in his own influencer niche, from fashion, grooming, to travel lifestyle. These male influencers prove that men do get it on social, and they can also definitely hold their sartorial own in the fickle, fast-changing, sometimes unforgiving Instagram universe.
5 Fitness Influencers

All eyes on SG’s 5 Hot Male Fitness Influencers, please…

Male influencers tend to have niche followings in specific areas such as sports, fitness, grooming and style, which are specialised, yet interesting, inspiring, and relevant to many of HSD’s readers. The more than healthy followings that each of these 5 influencers we feature here have, is proof that the the age of the male influencer is nigh.