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Editor’s Weekly Top 5: Hairstyles #3

Many thanks to those of you who have feedback me on the hairstyle features and sending me your photos and personal hairstyle questions. I am very happy to answer your questions individually. Anyway, this week's hairstyle pick come from trends in Japan.

Stylish Hair Trend #7: Return of the Japan Wave

I am not sure if you have noticed, in the last 1 year or so there has been a growing trend of guys sporting some form of perm - something I have yet to dare try on myself. In all honesty, if it is done right (on someone with good features) it can look really stylish.
office style

Stylish Hair Trend #6: More Great Office Styles

This is a second part of my hairstyle series that focus on Japanese inspired men's hairstyle for work. We looked at 5 different looks in my first article, so here's another 5 different styles for you to ponder on this afternoon as you fight your Monday blues. For all you know, you might just want to pick up your phone and make a hair-cut appointment this evening and give yourself a new look, just in time for Valentine's Day tomorrow.
BIz Jap Cut1

Stylish Hair Trend #4: Great Office Styles

For those of you working in a corporate office environment, looking neat and professional is a given but somehow that also translate into "dull" and "boring" for many men who already couldn't care less for their dressing and looks.The following 5 hairstyles are some examples that we can learn from our Japanese friends and they are perfectly acceptable in Japan.

Korean & Japanese hairstyles for Asian men

Every season, the latest fashion trends often comes directly from the major fashion city of the world like Paris, London, Milan and New York. However if you are Asian, you will know that when it comes to hair trend, it is often difficult to duplicate or carry a the latest hairstyle from a Caucasian model on the runway simply because of the differences in our hair texture and color.