Lab Series


Best, New Grooming Systems for Guys

The latest grooming products for men this quarter are anything but boring. They don’t just answer the different skin care needs of multi-tasking, city-dwelling men, they also help bearded gentlemen look their hottest.

Lab Series MAX LS Age-Less Power V Lifting Cream

The new product, MAX LS Age-Less Power V Lifting Cream promises to help “defy” gravity with the power of science, and visibly redefine the look of skin’s contours. It leverages on the Sirtuin technology to help maximize skin’s performance and promote cellular repair, delivering a tighter, more lifted looking improve the look of wrinkles, supporting natural collagen, and visibly lifting the skin.

A great moisturizer for oily skin and warmer climates

Moisturizing is mandatory for all; finding the right moisturizer is the art. For men, especially those with oily skin or living in warm humid climates, the ideal moisturizer should be light weight, non-sticky and easy to apply on - and I think I might have found one now.

BB cream for darker skin

Since I last wrote about BB cream for Men , I have received lots of inquiries about BB cream, signalling the strong interest of men towards this amazing multifunctional product. One of the most recent questions I received was concerning the shades of BB cream for Men.