6 Proudly Singaporean Fashion Labels for Men

If you’ve always shunned made-in-Singapore fashion and have only ever supported anything with an international or Asian-international label on it, it’s time you changed the way you shop, because you’re missing out on a lot. Check out these 6 proud Singapore labels you should have on your radar.

Escentials x PIMABS: On Scents and Suits

September 11, 2014 in Escentials- Paragon, gentlemen from varied walks of life gathered for a night of perfumes and suits. The workshop, led by the industry veteran Shahrul Nordin from Escentials and yours truly, representing PIMABS Bespoke, sprouted an idea of combining scents to your overall outfit.

Designer Profile: Leslie Chia, PIMABS

I took the opportunity to speak to bespoke tailor, Leslie Chia, who found PIMABs - the company is probably one of the best and a pioneer in modern bespoke tailoring services here in Singapore. Celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year, I asked Leslie what he thinks about menswear, bespoke tailoring and some helpful style tips for every man.