Street Street : Tokyo City #2

the Japanese has not rules or a fixed look when it comes to dressing. Taking a walk down the streets of Toky0 (my favourite is the Omotesando area) is a feast for the eye (see the main picture above of some guys I snapped while on the street). You will see the Japanese styling themselves to the most creative and stylish ensemble - completely oblivious to what others feel about their looks. That, is the spirit of the Japanese style culture that I look up to.

New York & Tokyo Shopping Spree for HSD Readers

I will be traveling to NYC from 2-15 April 2012 and Tokyo from 16-19 April 201, hoping to get lots of fashion inspiration and stories for the website. Being the shopaholic that I will, I will of course be going around to check out the coolest and most fashionable stores. As an additional task for HSD, I am thinking of doing a spree for brands(not limited to) like include Marc Jacobs, Coach, Jack Spade, A&F, Proenza Schouler, John Varvatos, Gap, Comme de Garcon, Y3, Issey Miyake, Goyard, Balenciaga, Burberry Japan etc...