Top 5 Hairstyles


Editor’s Top 5: Hairstyles #8

So while researching for this post, I spotted these 5 hairstyles that I wanted to highlight, they are all very different and takes a super cool attitude to pull it off. Who knows, you might look great with it.
Hair of the week 5.13-1

Editor’s Weekly Top 5: Hairstyles #5

Here's my pick this week of some cool stylish haircuts of various length that you could consider if you are planning a haircut soon. My personal favorite is Look 1 although my hair is currently closer to the length in Look 4.

Editor’s Weekly Top 5: Hairstyles #3

Many thanks to those of you who have feedback me on the hairstyle features and sending me your photos and personal hairstyle questions. I am very happy to answer your questions individually. Anyway, this week's hairstyle pick come from trends in Japan.

Editor’s Weekly Top 5: Hairstyles #2

It's the time of the week to feature more cool looking haircuts. In fact, I just got my hair cut this afternoon and I deliberately selected 2 looks that represents my before and after look (See Look 1 and 2 below).
Hair of the week1.3

Editor’s Weekly Top 5: Hairstyles

Starting this week, I am also starting a Editor's Weekly Top 5 where (every week) I will picked my Top 5 of the week for different categories ( hair, bags, fragrance etc..). So to get the ball rolling, here's my some stylish looking haircuts that got my attention this week -which one is your favorite.