11 popular hairstyles requested by men now

Here's a list of popular styles that we are seeing a lot on men all over social media, from a traditional side cut and for the more daring ones, the man bun. Perhaps, you might find one that will inspire your next cut.

Top Mop.

Curly guys who want some variety can also embrace the undercut trick is to get your barber to also shape your hair into the style you want. What you cut it ... Read More...

Curly Combover.

Either this guy has naturally wavy hair, or he might have permed it. If you have straight hair but wish to get that wavy texture, make sure you leave your h... Read More...

Cheekbone Envy.

Cropping the sides off with a severe undercut can really accentuate high cheekbones. If you have them, why not flaunt them? Source:  Unknown, Pinterest... Read More...