As spring approaches and the weather begins to slowly warm up, it’s also time to switch to lighter, sunnier fragrances. The usual complaint about them, however, is that they hardly ever last. A quick jaunt under the sun and the fragrance wilts to nothing –  frustrating especially because it’s when you need it most.

Fragrance experts would turn your attention to EDPs – eau de parfum – which have higher concentrations of fragrance oils and therefore survive longer. However, they can be rather expensive.

Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Giò Eau de Toilette Pour Homme may be just the thing you need. Not the typical citrus EDT, the Acqua di Giò offers a layered freshness at first spritz, with bitter citrus notes of lime, bergamot, and orange, but also the most subtle tinge of salty ocean air. The sillage is ample.

Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Giò EDT for Men

That initial burst of refreshing aroma quickly tames to yet another complex mix of nutmeg and rosemary, the spice mellowed by warm cedar and white musk. Here the sillage reduces quite dramatically, but remains perceptible to the wearer at all times. Even in its waning hours the fragrance remains firmly uplifting and fresh, making it perfect as an active day scent. Its gentler bottom notes are long-lasting, and mixes readily with your own body scent – inobstrusive and subtle.

Despite its lightweight texture, the Acqua di Giò is also definitively masculine throughout its scent profile, thanks to the neroli top notes and the woody base notes of oakmoss and amber. Inspired by the ancient Sicilian island of Pantelleria where Armani spent his vacations, the fragrance conjures the image of a robust male figure buffeted by coastal winds, picking up in occasion the soft scents of wild flowers blooming atop the hills.

If an island vacation isn’t on the horizon this spring, at least transport yourself temporarily with Acqua di Giò.