From Dead Sea Mineral Cosmetics comes Baldwin Moisturising Lotion, a daily facial moisturizer targeted at men. Packed in a 100ml / 3.4 fl oz bottle, this Israeli-made lotion boasts a whole host of natural ingredients known to soften dry skin such as argan oil, African shea oil, jojoba seed oil, glycerin, and allantoin. The first three of these are known to be soothing oils with potent moisture-storing benefits. Glycerin and allantoin are skin-identical ingredients that our own skin produces, with both protective and healing properties. On top of these, this winning lotion also contains Vitamin C and E, which offer some anti-oxidant properties to fight the skin damage wreaked by pollutants and ultraviolet rays.

What truly makes the lotion different is its incorporation of Dead Sea minerals. The mud of the Dead Sea is sought after worldwide for its emollient effects on the skin, and Baldwin brings those benefits to the lotion without the mess.

Baldwin Moisturising Lotion

You’ll find on the bottle the claim of “fast absorption”. I must confess I found it hard to believe when I found myself having to put some strength into squeezing the lotion out of its blue, subtly glittery tube. Despite the viscosity of the lotion – which you’ll only need a small dab of – its texture becomes surprisingly spreadable and lightweight as you work it in and over your skin. Meaning to say, folks with normal skin or slightly oily skin may find it comfortable to use too. Also note that the lotion contains urea, which for most people is a great exfoliant that promotes skin renewal, but for some can mean breakouts.

One downside to this lotion is its fragrances, most censurable of which is linalool, a known skin irritant. To be fair, it’s at the bottom of the list, and while the fragrance seemed quite strong when you first squeeze it out, it mellows to an elegant, masculine scent upon application. This also applies to the slight tinge of shimmer in the lotion, which mostly disappears when spread. There are also no parabens, and the product is not tested on animals!

While the Baldwin Moisturising Lotion is on the more pricey side (reg. US$29.95), two great things make it worth it – you don’t need much of it at all per application, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We say give it a try. You may just find a new favourite.

TESTED: Baldwin Moisturising Lotion
Fast absorptionChock full of natural moisturising ingredients
Contains fragrance that can irritate skin
3.7Worth a try!