Following my earlier post introducing Ulthera, the non-surgical facelift that is offering people a chance to a tighter more youthful face without going under the knife, I had a chance to trial the procedure myself to experience the effect of this very popular treatment at Dr Israr Wong from Kae Clinic.

I was a little anxious on the day of my treatment because I had read that the treatment can be a little more uncomfortable then other aesthetic procedures but having done so many procedure – and I think I have a high tolerance for pain – I braved myself and went ahead.

I arrived about 45 mins before my schedule timing as the nurse needs to apply some numbing cream on my face and neck (which is normal for most laser treatments too). I was told that some patients can also take some painkiller pills to further reduce the discomfort. After the numbing cream took effect, Dr Wong started the treatment on me.

So how does it really feel? (you ask)

Well, to be honest, it was not a painful process, but a strange sensation as he fires each sonic wave. The sensation is deep within the skin at the muscle level much like a sudden contraction I can best described like a minor muscle cramp for 1 sec. I must say the feeling is a bit more intense on certain area of the face near the jaw lines. But, it was really ok and not that bad as I have read. The whole process took about 45 mins and I was done.

The results….

Ok, I took some photos before and immediately after the treatment and much to my amazement, I could see an immediate tightening of the skin – most apparent in the jawline area. Now, I can see why it’s called an instant facelift. Take a look at the photos below to see for yourself.

The ‘after’ pictures show clearly a more defined jawlines, lifted cheeks and neck. Amazing, if you ask me.

Anyway, I was told that most people will continue to see improvement over the next few weeks and it normally last for 1 year before doing another treatment for maintenance.

Personally, I have noticed the tightness on my face since the treatment and couple of friends have commented the I looked different lately and if I had lose weight because my face looks sharper.

Well [grinned], I of course know the real reason.