The new LANEIGE Homme Dual Action Power Fitting Cream is a specially formulated all in one cream that combines both Power Fitting Technology™ and Dual Action Water.


Housed in minute capsules, the traditionally viscous and oily anti-ageing ingredients are released as they penetrate the depths of the skin, providing deeper tightening effects without leaving sticky residue on the surface.

The Dual Action Water is added to provide extra moisture to the skin for improved elasticity and brightening effects. Containing essential minerals and vitamins, the Dual Action Water fortifies the skin against air pollutants and UV rays by repairing and strengthening the skin’s epidermal layer.


TESTED: LANEIGE Homme Dual Action Power Fitting Cream
Love the cooling effect and a Citrus Fruity Floral Must scent.Great as a night cream in air-con environment.
A little creamy when first applied, but absorbs into skin quickly.
3.8Good for dry skin