Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Not that it is a day celebrated by anyone here in Asia, but it is definitely worth remembering and jotting down the next 2 dates I am about to give you. Yes, you are not all hyped up about Thanksgiving but you will be jumping for joy for Black Friday (the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving) and Cyber Monday (the Monday right after the weekend)

Black Friday traditionally marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S. and on this day, most major retailers open extremely early, often at 4 a.m., or earlier, and offer promotional sales to kick off the shopping season. Black Friday is a public holiday, but most non-retail employers give their employees the day off, increasing the number of potential shoppers. It has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year with the biggest sales and deals for shoppers.

With the booming of online shopping businesses, the Black Friday has also evolved and the Cyber Monday was born. Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday immediately following Black Friday, created by companies to encourage people to shop online. The term made its debut on November 28, 2005 in a Shop.org press release entitled “‘Cyber Monday’ Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year”.

Now we all know that online shopping has no geographical barriers and the people all over the world can now benefits from the heavy discounts and deals that is offered during this period.  In fact, Cyber Monday has become an international marketing term used by online retailers all over the world.

So if you are feel like swiping your credit card this weekend, then you should definitely stay online and check out your favorite U.S. online stores for a good shopping spree. Before you do that , here’s some tips for you.

  • Do your research early – Don’t wait till the day itself to start hunting around for deals and discounts. Have a list of what you want to buy and check out the prices now so you know where you can find them on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You don’t want to arrive late at the store and find your stuff all sold out.
  • Sign up to e-newletter of your favorite store – Most retailers will start to send out early bird deals and discounts a week before the sale, so you should be on the mailing list to know who has the best deals going on.
  • Get yourself a U.S. Shipping Address – Ok, not all U.S. retailers offers international shipping but you should not let that stop you. There are many sites such as comGateway, Borderlinx and Vpost that can give you a U.S. address to collect your parcel on your before. You can then use their shipping services to send your purchases back to you, where ever you are. Most U.S. Retailers offers free shipping these days within the country itself, so you don’t have to worry about paying for double shipping fees.
  • Make sure your credit card is valid or get yourself a Paypal account – Signing up for a Paypal account can facilitate your online purchase and reduce the number of times you have to refill the credit card information over and over again. Plus, it is a reliable and secured payment method. Do note that some retailers only accept U.S. issued credit cards, so you might want to check out those services offered by comGateway and Borderlinx where they help you to purchase the goods on your behalf.
  • Finally, check in on His Style Diary as I will be posting some greats shopping guide and deals that I find on the net over the next few days.
  • Don’t forget the the U.S is day behind us (here in Singapore), so don’t get disappointed when you try to shopping online during your Friday office hour!!!