Calling all spy movie fans, you don’t want to miss the movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service which is out in the theatres this week. The movie is based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass, X-Men First Class) and starring Colin Firth, Michael Cain, Samuel L Jackson and the very handsome Taron Egerton. It tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.

Sounds like a straightforward plot right?

Well, while it has many elements of a typical Hollywood Bond-style movie, it stood out for its predominant English cast, thus a good dose of English humor (at times crazy) and STYLE.

The idea of a stylish English gentlemen is perhaps the biggest draw of the show. For the first time ever, a movie has collaborated with an online retailer, MR, to create a brand and bespoke collection from costume designer, Arianne Phillips’ costumes for its characters. Get ready for this… each piece is crafted in Britain by heritage manufacturers, from the tailoring to the ties and they can all be purchased online at MR

This video takes us behind-the-scene to look at how the different brands got involved to create the bespoke collection for the movie. (WARNING: Spoilers alert beyond this point)

My first reaction right after the movie ended was to check my MR PORTER App on my iPhone for the Kingsman collection that was featured in the movie, and was I impressed. I immediately picked up these 6 things to add to my WISH LIST and I tell you why…


This classic Kingsman fountain pen is made by Conway Stewart, the esteemed British firm used by Sir Winston Churchill during the war. This sleek piece is beautifully weighted and comes in an eternally refined black and gold palette.

SECRET AGENT FUNCTION: In the movie, this pen comes loaded with poison that can be added to someone’s drink (  whisky). Harmless when first ingested but at the flick of the swtich (see mid section of the pen), the poison can be activated.


Crafted for Kingsman by George Cleverley, who was a favourite clobber of Sir Winston Churchill, these black leather Oxford shoes embody quintessential British style. Flawlessly hand-finished in England in the distinctive signature almond shape, this slick pair will put you in good stead for years to come.

SECRET AGENT FUNCTION: This is a good one. Just like Dorothy’s red ruby slippers in Wizard of Oz  (I’m sorry, but I can’t help making this campy reference here) the ‘magic’ comes on at the clicking of both heels together – a blade coated with lethal poison springs out ready to cause a deadly wound to the opponent.


Thomas Brigg & Sons, now a part of Swaine Adeney Brigg, have been creating umbrellas since the 19th century, supplying to prime ministers, royalty and now, the Kingsman. This style, carried by Mr Colin Firth in the film, has a polished chestnut handle, solid wooden shaft, wide black canopy and a gold-plated cover that’s discreetly embossed with the ‘K’ logo.

SECRET AGENT FUNCTION: This has to be my favorite weapon. Aside from being a stylish accessory providing a shelter from the rainy London, this brolly is a shield against bullets, and a handy pistol that fires shots at the enemy.


There’s no better way to showcase the sleek craftsmanship of Kingsman collection than with this stylish keyring. Featuring the ‘K’ logo hand-cast in glossed rose gold, it’s a luxurious accessory that has a satisfyingly weighty feel.

SECRET AGENT FUNCTION: Ok, I can’t figure what is the hidden function of this gadget from the movie, but it looks darn nice and I am going to get it anyhow.


The Bremont ‘World Timer’ automatic chronograph is an impressively intricate watch, and yet this utilitarian piece doesn’t compromise on sophistication. Originally created for C17 pilots, no less than 24 time zones can be read off the internal rotating bezel and the custom-modified automatic chronograph movement ensures accuracy. Crafted for Kingsman, this piece comes in exquisite rose gold with a crocodile-embossed leather strap and is apt for a global traveller who demands reliable quality, ageless elegance and high-performance.

SECRET AGENT FUNCTION: What’s a gentlemen without a stylish watch? This watch is an integral gadget wore by all the Kingsman agent, possesses numerous function including firing electric shots to knock out any one in the way.


MR PORTER believes “The first thing a gentleman needs is a good suit”, and this pinstripe two-piece by Kingsman is a sterling investment in British craftsmanship. Made in England using exemplary wool from British mill Dormeuil, this double-breasted design has high armholes for a modern fit and is canvassed to ensure an unbeatably sharp silhouette. The working cuff button holes and selvedge trim inside the trousers demonstrates the bespoke detailing.

SECRET AGENT FUNCTION: What’s there to say. A bespoke suit makes a gentleman.

Check out the rest of the Kingsman Collection on MR (Note: Secret functions not included.)