If there is one bag that Bottega Veneta is well loved for, it has to be the coveted “Cabat”.  Every season, you will see a different variation of the “Cabat” in different colors and patterns created by hand with the most exceptional  craftsmanship. And I just fell deeply in love with these 2 that I am sharing here.

For the first time ever, in the Spring Summer 2012 Collection, we will see the Bottega Veneta “Cabat” in an all transparent design, thanks to the material used for the “Intreccio”: a PVC plastic “Fettuccia” sewed on its center with a large and regular black thread. This “Fettuccia” takes inspiration from the glasswork and metal wire. Indeed, the “Cabat” looks like a glass mosaic with all mosaics linked between them with a metal hire in the glass. This material used for the first time gives an extraordinary final effect. Although this bag is placed under the women’s collection, the mere size of grandeur of the bag is prefect for every fashionsitos. Priced at S$7,670, it is also a very good price for the “Cabat” which are traditionally priced above S$10k.

For die hard fans of the nappa leather, there is another version made with a mix of nappa leather and the same PVC material. The plastic material combined with a contrasting Nappa for handles and internal bottom gives the “Cabat” that extra touch of sophistication. It is also interesting thing to note that only a selected number of skilled craftsmen are able to make this particular model because this technique is quite sensitive due to the two totally opposite materials, that required extra strength, patience and precision of a very experience craftsmen. Now doesn’t that make this bag even more desirable?  The duo material version is priced at S$12,710.

Both bags will be available at the Bottega Veneta store this season.

Source: Bottega Veneta