The ‘man clutch’ is not a new concept but it is one accessory that has never really taken off in the mass male market.  Maybe it’s the name ‘clutch’ that is putting off the guys who feel that their masculinity is at test if he is seen carrying a ‘clutch’ – it is something that a women will carry.

For the past few years, I noticed that designers like Gucci and D&G have starting introducing the man’s clutch into their collection and runway shows. Their designs are more masculine and come in a variety of colors, materials and sizes. The market response was lukewarm initially until this year when it seems to be finally catching on. More and more male fashionistas, metrosexuals, designers, fashion bloggers have been spotted carrying a ‘clutch-like’ bag as an accessory. Many magazines have also highlighted it as a new trend (see below as post from Men’s Uno China, October 2011).

For me, I definitely welcome this new trend –  for the clutch is a such an useful accessory. Don’t you agree that everyone has so many thing to carry around these days –  wallet, keys, name card, a mobile phone (and for some people 2!), and recently with the boom in tablets, an iPad or Kindle? Stuffing them all into our pocket is definitely not possible (and unsightly!) and carrying a bag or briefcase might be too clumsy at times. Enter the men’s document holder or in other words, the man clutch, it is the perfect solution for every modern man. You can throw all of the above into it and not worry about misplacing anything. It is ideal when going to an event as a stylish accessory and great for an evening night out. With the right design and look, I think every man can carry it off nicely.

The big question still remains though, are you man enough to carry it?

P.S: I just place an order online for a Proenza Schouler PS1 Clutch. Look out for it when I post it on the H.S.D Facebook Page.