Are you one of those guys who is ‘blessed’ with an overflowing of male testosterone; who has to shave more than once a day or you will be fed up to the back teeth with a 5 O’clock shadow appearing before lunch? And because of your elevated testosterone level, you are super skeptical with girly products available over the counter; you want and only use manly products that’s made for men only.

Then, my friend,  you should then check out The Bluebeards Revenge, a quality range of shaving and skincare products aimed at the problem shaver, the guy who has suffered for eternity due to his masculine beard growth. The brand prides itself as a made-for-men only brand and it comes across clearly with it’s ‘manly’ and often funny marketing messages that resonates well with the male demography.

Importantly, The Bluebeards Revenge range are paraben free, non-animal tested,  and contains a unique ingredient Decelerine™ that is proven to reduce beard growth and providing a recovering effect on the skin. All key products have been formulated in one of the UK’s premier male cosmetics laboratories who are renowned experts in the field of shaving cosmetics.

Customers of The Bluebeards Revenue have  raved about the clean, smooth and painless shaving experience and how it virtually eradicates shaving rash, burn and those uncomfortable lumps and bumps.

As an introduction to The Bluebeards Revenge, the following are some of the key products by the brand to try out: 

Available at and The Panic Room (Singapore)