It’s not often that I admit to this, but full disclosure – I have love handles. No matter how many chest presses and squats I do, or how few calories I take, the fat around my abdomen and flanks have decided they are here to stay. Working out and eating well is great, but if our body is not operating on an optimal level, we won’t be reaping the maximum benefits of our hard work.

Our body has the power to burn fat, to regenerate, to do all sorts of great stuff – but it needs to be working the way it should. Urban stresses like pollution and busy schedules can interrupt our natural bodily processes, such as metabolism, circulation, and detoxification.

To get rid of that “spare tire”, we could all use a helping hand. That’s what the Torso Redefined therapy at Rexults MedSpa aims to do – to optimize the body’s natural functions and activate its fat-burning potential. The technology originated from Spain 25 years ago, and was used to treat injuries derived from high-stress sports like car racing.

For my abdomen and flanks, the therapist ran a wand (change to: medical-grade equipment) over the target areas, mobilizing ions deep inside to balance the electric potential in the tissue and accelerating its own regenerative process. The wand (change to: equipment) also discharges frequency currents to raise the internal temperature of our tissues, thereby improving cell metabolism, circulation, and oxygen exchange. Simply put, the therapy helps our bodies to perform at its best – and the result is smaller fat cell size, less fluid retention, and a firmer look and feel.

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I also went through infrared therapy, which is like a sauna without the heat (change to: more than a traditional sauna, and with multiple benefits). It’s done in a cedarwood chamber (of sorts) (delete), and in there you are exposed to infrared light, which revs up your metabolism, reduces inflammation, increases blood flow, and removes toxins. If you’re like me and work out a lot, this is the best post-workout treatment. It also helps relieve muscle pain! 30 minutes in the infrared chamber burns 600 calories, and it’s seven times more detoxifying than the traditional sauna. No risk of overheating or scalding, and it even improves the skin.

After five sessions on my abdomen and flanks/love handles and two sessions of infrared therapy, I am happy to say I saw a 5cm fat reduction off my waistline. I felt like my body was working the way it’s supposed to, and I’m finally getting the full benefits of my workouts because of it. Losing weight and keeping fit is hard enough of its own, we definitely don’t need our bodies working against us. We could all use a helping hand!


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