The new L’OCCITANE Cedrat Purifying Shampoo, with its energizing, masculine scent, has been specially formulated for men.

The formula is enriched with organic Corsican cedrat extract, with energizing properties, and purifying rosemary essential oil, which helps to rebalance the scalp.
After washing, the invigorating scent of cedrat, with its woody, masculine notes, lingers on the hair.

Unpredictable, surprising and multi-faceted, the cedrat is a citrus fruit, ancestor of the lemon, with a thick, rough skin. Rare and mysterious, it holds many secrets…
Not only does it offer a refreshing scent; it also boasts a sparkling pulp with energizing properties.

Trial & Tested: L'OCCITANE Cedrat Purifying Shampoo for Men
Hair feels refreshing and cool after wash. Love the citrusy scent!The scalp feels purified.