Last weekend, my partner and I discovered a wonderful place to spend our Christmas Day afternoon and it turn out to be a very joyful and fulfilling experience that we both thoroughly enjoyed – so much that we decided to make it a monthly excursion for us. This place I am talking about is Arteastiq @Mandarin Gallery. Originally a lifestyle designer furniture store and a tea/dining cafe serving a fascinating range of special, alcoholic, dessert and fruit tea sets and an assortment of “teasers” (savouries) and desserts (premium gelato, cakes and scones), Arteastiq  recently introduced a new concept called “Social Painting” that is set to be the latest rave in town.

The Arteastiq’s social painting space is an extension from its cafe and incorporates tea as a whole therapeutic experience that exposes the artistic side of the customers. Each customer is given a 50 x 50 cm or 60 x 80cm canvas, unlimited acrylic paint, sponges, brushes and paint palette and are let loose with their imaginations. Each session last a good 3 hours long and one free beverage from Arteastiq is also supplied with the package, and listen to this, you get all of these at a price of only S$48 per pax!

Here are some photos of my day at Arteastiq as I painted my first virgin work inspired by the legendary Andy Warhol and the coveted Hermes Birkin bag.

My  completed masterpiece!


Not too bad for my first painting right? LOL!

Well joke aside, the experience was extremely enjoyable and therapeutic for the mind and I would strongly recommend you to give it a try yourself. And if you do,  drop me an email with a picture of your painting at I will leave you now with a gallery of photos taken from the space last week. Ciao!