How would you like to create more than 450 individual looks, have your entire wardrobe fit in one large suitcase, and spend less than 5 minutes getting ready every morning? It’s possible with the capsule wardrobe. Let me show you how.


Coined in the 1970’s by Susie Faux, a London boutique owner- the capsule wardrobe is about maximising your minimised wardrobe. The goal is owning fewer clothes of higher quality that you wear more often.

The fundamental idea of having a capsule wardrobe is to own as few essential items as possible while still being able to create a substantial number of outfits. It consists of many basic and versatile pieces that you can layer upon. This way, you can focus on making the most out of each article of clothing. My own capsule wardrobe consists of 25 pieces that can create over 450 looks!

My favorite part of the capsule wardrobe… ease. I no longer have to think about creating an outfit and what to wear, it all just works. And I look good every time! Remember, fashion trends change, but style is timeless.


With your capsule wardrobe needing only a few essential pieces of clothing, you can direct more of your budget to investing in quality pieces. Quality goes hand in hand with durability, comfort and an unspoken sophistication. The need for you to replace these items will happen, but not nearly at the frequency of its counterpart (cheap fast fashion).

As your capsule wardrobe consists of the “basics,” it is important to make sure your pieces are  neutral colors. I live by the rule of having only six colors in my capsule wardrobe; black, white, grey, navy, baby blue and olive green. These are timeless colors that never go out of style. They are versatile, interchangeable and compliment one another effortlessly.

If you are convinced it is time for you to create your own style through a capsule wardrobe, stay tuned here for the next five instalments of my series. I will guide you, step by step, on how to do just that. Trust me – once you go capsule, you’ll never go back.



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Our guest writer Paul Nagaoka is an international model, TV host, actor, and entrepreneur. Living a life of simplicity and minimalism frees him to focus on what he loves most – traveling, adventure, and finding new reasons to sleep in past noon. Follow him @paulnagaoka to see his latest shenanigans.