I had heard rumors about this since a year ago, and being a huge fan of the brand SK-II myself,  I jumped when I read this news and couldn’t wait to blog about it here.

After 30 years in the female skincare market and having built millions of fans all over the world who swears by the benefits of its signature ‘miracle water’, SK-II has finally launched a new range specially for men. Even before this launch, the brand had already attracted a loyal following of male users – myself being a perfect example.

Now before you get all excited as well,  you might want to know that SK-II will debut the new SK-II MEN range initially in Korea, before taking the product to the other Asia countries, the U.S. and Europe. This comes as no surprise as Korea ranked No. 1 in the purchase of male cosmetics worldwide, followed by China, Japan and the United States. With the surging growth in demand for male beauty products in Korea, global cosmetics brands are rushing to make inroads into the Korea market.

Yoo Ji Tae is SK-II Men’s first brand ambassador for Asian countries including China and Japan, as well as in Europe and the U.S.. The 35-year-old Korean actor and director will be the face of the SK-II Men range that currently comprises of a Moisturising Cleanser, Facial Treatment Essence and Age Revitalise Moisturiser. The difference [between SK-II and SK-II Men] is that the Men’s Facial Treatment Essence has a cooling agent with a slightly menthol scent that instantly refreshes the skin.

Successful men should be taking good care of themselves, including their skin and in terms of interpersonal relations, image is very important.- Yoo Ji Tae

The range is currently only available in South Korea. (Rumors has it that it might be available in Singapore sometime next year. Well, I can’t wait. I am making orders from my friends in Korea immediately.)

Check out this video I found from YouTube featuring Yoo Ji Tae on SKII Men, and a fashion spread from Esquire Korea.

Source: Esquire, Korea